Xybotyx was founded in Littleton, Colorado in August 2011 by David Shafter and Daniel McShan to create iPhone robots.  The two met working on the NASA Mars Phoenix lander mission and decided it was time to apply their complementary expertise and interests to develop consumer robotics.

Xybotyx first product is Xybot 1 , the worlds first robot made specifically for iPhones and iPods.  Leveraging the power and aesthetic of iOS devices, Xybot is a revolutionary robot with two high resolution cameras,  accelerometers, gyros, compass, proximity sensors, precision motor encoders, GPS, bluetooth, wifi and cellular connectivity.  Xybot is easily the most powerful, extensible and affordable consumer robot ever available.   For more information, just email us info@xybotyx.com.

We are actively and continuously developing new behaviors and functionality to be distributed through the App store.   Launch set of behaviors and features to be announced (do send us your ideas!).  Initial set will include a variety of autonomous and user-directed behaviors such as obstacle avoidance, face and object recognition, local and wide area telepresence and programmability.  We are committed to developing an extensible and powerful ecosystem for users to develop their own iOS apps for Xybot.  API will be available closer to product launch in March.

For distribution and marketing information, please email us sales@xybotyx.com